Immigration is complicated.

Simplify it with Mygrate.

The app that connects you to Migration Experts.

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All you need to know.

Our Migration Experts assess your profile and give you the information you need.

How it works:

1. Create your free profile.

2. Contact our Migration Experts and ask all the questions you need.

3. Prepare your relocation or Visa application.


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Find your way with Mygrate

Verified Experts

Our Migration Experts have several years of experience.

More than a Community

Direct contact

Find the best Migration Expert and contact them through our messaging system.

Personal Profile

Mygrate generates your own profile with all the information required for a first assessment.

Initial Assessment

Get an Initial Assessment from our Migration Experts then proceed with the one you selected.

Before you leave

Plan your relocation before you leave. Know everything you need.

Immigration and Visa

Immigration Law, Visa Assessment, Legal Assistance for Expats.

Global Mobility

All you need to know about your business abroad.

Relocation Services

Relocation, Visa Assessment, Legal Assistance, Global Mobility.

Tax Services

Things to know to get your finance in order.

A bit more about Mygrate

What's Mygrate?

Mygrate is a platform that connects Migration Experts to people who want to relocate. The main purpose is to make the immigration process better and quicker. With benefits for everyone involved.

Who is Mygrate for?

Migration experts: Mygrate allows them to have an online presence, manage their own content and access to applicants directly.

Everyone who wants to relocate: Mygrate offers direct contact to Migration Experts who provide tailored information and a realistic estimation.

Why are we doing this?

Immigration is a global phenomenon that simply will never stop.

But right now it is complicated and it really needs an overhaul.

We want to make it easier for everyone to find the right information and start planning their journey in the best way possible.

The big picture

In our mind, this is just the beginning of a massive project.

We believe human migration is one of the fundamental principles of our society and an essential part of building the world of tomorrow.

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