Agent 101

What is a Migration Agent? A Migration Agent is a specialist trained to provide advice and assistance regarding immigration law and regulations. Migration Agents must be registered with the office of the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) to provide advice regarding immigration law and applications. From 1st January 2018,...

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Mygrate: product overview

mygrate product overview

What is Mygrate? Mygrate is an online ecosystem that is dedicated to connecting immigrants with available and compatible expert Migration Agents. We can streamline the immigration process by enabling immigrants to connect with Migration Agents who match their specific needs before they even leave their home country. Why are...

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Why we created Mygrate

mygrate innovating immigration

When I first moved to Australia in July 2011, I was convinced I could find a way to stay. However, I didn’t really know how. I knew little about all the immigration Laws and criteria to be fulfilled in order to obtain a Permanent Visa. I knew even less...

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A Glimpse into the future

future of immigration

Nowadays Migration Agents run their own businesses, with their own portfolios, but without any network or community. Mygrate aims to have all the Migration Agents in a single platform and to make them available online for people to connect, interact and provide feedback about their service. Each Agent will...

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Our Solution

Introducing Mygrate

The majority of people don’t have access to information regarding Immigration from their own Country for several reasons: language barrier; the need of a Migration Agent is not known until they relocate and collect more info, realising the complexity of the Immigration system. lack of knowledge regarding Immigration processes (often people think...

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Introducing Mygrate

Mygrate is an online platform that put in communication migration experts and individuals in need of a consulting regarding all Immigration aspects, such as: type of visa required according to the person’s situation and background; alternative visas if the requirements change and/or if the person/business can reach specific requirements...

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