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Are you a Migration Agent? If so, you have found the right post! Keep reading.

Mygrate is a new platform that wants fill the gap between Migration Agents like you and all the potential customers who are now living all over the globe and are thinking of relocating. These people need your services.

Mygrate makes you visible

Create your profile and start interacting with your future customers.

Mygrate is still a baby. We launched two weeks ago and are constantly working on the platform to provide a better and better experience. At this stage, we are offering free subscriptions to anyone who wants to join us. You can create and share your profile and interact with current and future subscribers.

We want Mygrate to grow!

In Mygrate, every aspect of the initial consultation process will be manageable within the platform (video conference, e-mail, instant messages, document sharing, appointment bookings/rescheduling, payments, updates, etc).

Everyone will be able to provide public feedback about the agents to help others choose which expert is right for them.

Mygrate wants to combine all these aspects, providing a space where people can easily find a migration expert to help them with their specific issues and needs.

Mygrate will aim to enable clients and agents to feel right next door, by utilizing modern video communication. This will also simplify the process in terms of transport, time optimisation and staff, and engage a global network of customers and clients, anywhere, anytime.

The platform will also allow follow-up with clients and promote agents’ services. Everything on the platform will be managed using cloud technology, making all the content available to anyone involved in the business, on any device.

Relevant documents can be updated on the platform and agents will also be able to require a specific document from the client when and if needed. This will avoid duplicates, multiple folders, missed synchronisations, delays and, consequently, mistakes.

This approach will open the possibility of remote working (if applicable or required), having teams spread across different locations.

Remote working

Remote working and remote teams could possibly lead to the formation of Migration Agencies with multiple competencies at different locations (i.e. a single agency could manage relocations to/from multiple countries).

Everything will be stored on the platform, avoiding any data loss, duplication or overlapping.

In the future, after being established in the market and with a solid base of users and agents, Mygrate could also offer a mobile app.

We will also offer premium plans with more advanced features and capabilities.

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