Intro to Mygrate

Mygrate is a brand new platform, entirely dedicated to Immigration, Global Mobility and Relocation Services.

What is it exactly?

Mygrate is a place where people find consultants who are expert in Immigration Law, Visa assessment, Tax Law, Global Mobily and Relocation services.

Anyone with a Mygrate account is able to contact these consultants directly within the platform.

Let’s say Mygrate is Facebook for Expats and Migration Experts.

Each has their own profile and can get in touch easily.

Mygrate is also a community.

Expats and Experts can create their own discussions, groups and connect with each other.

Benefits for Expats

  • free account
  • use filters to find the best expert for you
  • direct contact, no mail exchange
  • see Experts’ previous customers reviews
  • a community of Expats and Migration Experts

Benefits for Migration Experts

  • direct access to Expat profiles
  • no more need to ask multiple information or exchange multiple emails
  • profile sharing: let people see your expertise and skills
  • create your private network of experts (colleagues¬†or collaborators)
  • one platform to manage your business

How it works

  1. create and complete your profile
  2. find Expats/Experts to connect with
  3. ask the information you need for your relocation project (Expats)
  4. provide your services (Experts)
  5. create a dedicated community!!!

Current State

Mygrate is in its Beta phase.
This means not everything is perfect, something might not work properly and we don’t have a great number of subscribers. For now.
Basically, we have not launched publicly yet, and we are still completing a few tests.

BUT… we’re almost ready and we can not do it without you!

Subscribe now for free, unlimited access to all the features, current and future!

Future Features

We are currently at work to expand Mygrate’s functionalities and add more features.
Here some of them:

  • For Migration Experts:

    • booking system: set up your calendar, working hours and availability. Receive and manage all your appointments in Mygrate.
    • video-chat: work from home (or from the beach!) and still attend all your consultations directly in Mygrate.
    • sell digital content: create your own “Migration 101 course” and sell it to anyone who needs it (i.e. Most common Visa to live in Australia – How to relocate your Business – Tax for Expats – and more!
    • Online Payments: get paid directly within the platform, send invoices and manage your customers.
  • For Expats:

    • booking system: find the expert you need and book an initial consultation in Mygrate.
    • video-chat: avoid traffic and talk to Experts from anywhere in the world.
    • search filters: find experts based on Language, Location, Expertise, Speciality.
    • document sharing

Now it’s up to you!

Subscribe now and be part of the newest community for Expats and Migration Experts!