Job searching in Australia

#1 – Start your job search before you even arrive in Australia

English fluency will play a significant role in your pursuit of employment in Australia. Brush up on your skills, and practice answering interview questions.

To give yourself the best start possible, begin preparing for work before you even leave home. If you haven’t done already, have all your qualifications and certificates translated into English and verified. Employers will want to see how your experience and qualifications compare to the equivalent in Australia, as this will allow them to better assess your application.

In Australia, you’ll need a Resume (or Curriculum Vitae – CV) outlining your experience and qualifications, and a covering letter (to formally introduce yourself and tell the employer what makes you perfect for the role) to apply for jobs. Have these as printed hard copies to hand to employers directly, and also in digital format to apply for jobs online.

#2 – Get local experience

Although you may be experienced in your home country, you’ll be much more employable in Australia with some local work experience. Volunteering is a great way to start – not only will this help you gain some experience, but also help you to network, form new relationships and gain confidence speaking English and navigating the Australian workplace.

#3 – Sign up for online job boards

The most common places for employers to advertise vacancies online in Australia are, and You can create a profile online, upload your resume and apply for jobs directly or through a recruitment agency.

#4 – Approach employers

Around 83% of jobs in Australia are hidden or not advertised – increase your chances by handing around CV’s in person – you never know who is hiring! If you see a job advertisement online or in the newspaper, don’t be afraid to go and see the employer in person to introduce yourself! The effort will not go unnoticed. Smile, dress appropriately and be prepared with your resume. In Australia, it’s appropriate and professional to handshake when forming a new acquaintance, or at the commencement/conclusion of an interview. Follow up the day after with a phone call or email to make your application memorable.

#5 – Ask for help

Finding work is not an easy thing, let alone in a country away from home. There are plenty of resources available to help you in your search – don’t be afraid to utilise them! Recruitment agencies can help you put together a resume, practice interview skills and search for opportunities. If you’re a student, there will usually be an international student association with your provider.

Below are some useful websites and resources that we think may help you in your search!

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