mygrate product overview

What is Mygrate?

Mygrate is an online ecosystem that is dedicated to connecting immigrants with available and compatible expert Migration Agents. We can streamline the immigration process by enabling immigrants to connect with Migration Agents who match their specific needs before they even leave their home country.

Why are we good?

There are so many benefits to a platform like ours, and we’re the first of our kind. Like in many professions with a high level of subjectivity and interpretation, the outcome is greatly dependent on the combination between the client and the Agent. By connecting the immigrant with compatible Migration Agents at an early stage, we can streamline the whole immigration process and provide them with the best possible outcome!

The website is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – which provides much-needed support for immigrants, benefits Migration Agents by enabling them to work remotely and within the hours they choose, as well as accommodating for time zone differences.

Mygrate for Immigrants

If you want to move to Australia but are confused by the amount of and conflicting advice online, or you’re already here, but want to seek advice on how to stay permanently, Mygrate is for you!

Mygrate will enable you to search our database of expert Migration Agents based on language, location, or expertise. You are then able to provide feedback and rate the Agent via the Agents online profile. These reviews and ratings are made public, allowing other immigrants to make a better-informed choice.

Mygrate also has a direct-messaging function, allowing you to connect and socialise with other expats!

Mygrate for Migration Agents

If you’re a registered Migration Agent wanting access to a large client-base, Mygrate is for you!

Mygrate will enable you to advertise your business and connect directly with prospective immigrants. There are so many benefits to being able to connect with your clients online! All your clients are in one place and you can work at any time that suits you!

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