Our solution to Human Migration

The majority of people don’t have access to information regarding immigration to another Country for several reasons:

  • language barrier;
  • the need for a Migration expert is not known until they relocate and collect more info, realising the complexity of the Immigration system.
  • lack of knowledge regarding migration processes (often people think that once they’re here, they will “figure something out”.

Immigration information sources

Nowadays all the information regarding Migration and how to relocate are provided by several sources; the official channels are comprehensive but present some difficulties due to the complexity of the matter and language barrier:

  • Government: official Immigration department website;
  • Migration experts;

Other sources, most commonly used as the first approach, are not reliable and not all of them are competent:

  • student agencies;
  • blogs, social media and online forums;
  • word of mouth;

When the source is not officially accredited, there are several information overlaps, contradictions, mistakes and, in some cases, frauds.

In this scenario, people are forced to jump from source to source in order to put together an exhaustive idea of what they need, but often this is not enough to clarify all the questions and doubts.

Additionally, people don’t have the tools to provide feedback to these sources or verify their accountability; also there is no way to know if these sources are working with competency, lawfully and in the client’s best interests.

For example, people tend to think that if they’re over 31 the only chance to relocate is a Student Visa.

This is a common misconception.

People might have skills and qualifications that, once recognised, may open several opportunities through a different Visa scheme.

This is not to say student agencies are evil, but they’re not the right option for every case.

Many people relocate with no clue about what they could achieve with the right information and the majority of these people will go back home after spending several thousands of dollars, time and, in some cases, having to start from zero once they’re home.

People have projects and dreams and any system should facilitate them as much as possible.

At this stage, many people, including families, professionals and students waste huge amounts of money and time only to end up hearing they had no chance to relocate in the first place.

What if it was possible to reach clients before they leave their Country?

This is why we created Mygrate, an online marketplace that connects people to migration experts in order to start planning their relocation from day 1, with reliable information.

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