Preparing for a move abroad

Getting ready to move to another country can be a stressful and daunting task. With preparing Visas, making bookings and arranging paperwork, it can be easy to forget to prepare yourself emotionally too! We’ve put together some tips and advice to help make your transition to living in Australia as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Practice your English!

Learning basic phrases before you move can help you enormously in the first few weeks of living in another country. Not only will it help you to navigate everyday tasks like buying groceries, it will help you form connections with people and give you the opportunity to make new friends!


Find a support group – whether it be a facebook group for expats, fitness class or just socialising with housemates, it’s SO important to get out and about with other people who have similar interests and life experiences. Socialising with peers will help you to feel at home, and act as a support network. Mygrate has a direct messaging function that you can use to contact other expats!

Do some research

Research the area you’re planning to move to. Although exploring is fun, knowing where the important places are can help you feel more secure and comfortable in your new home. The local shopping areas, bus stops, your local bank, library, parks and recreation areas and the closest train station are all essential to mark on your map. Mygrate has team members in both Perth and Melbourne, so contact us for recommendations on fantastic places to visit!

Watch some Australian movies/TV shows

Not only to practice your English, but just for fun! Get to know the Australian sense of humour and way of life. Australian travel documentaries can inspire you to plan some trips when you get here!

Get tech savvy

Connecting with friends and family back home has never been easier thanks to modern technology. Get familiar with Skype and direct messaging apps; all you have to do is find some free reliable wi-fi, and you can talk to family and friends whenever you like!

Join Mygrate

If you’re just beginning to plan your relocation to Australia, we recommend you connect with an expert Migration Agent to get the process started.

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